A little taste

Due to difficulties, I have to stop writing my novel and write the back stories. I am having a hard time connecting the events with my novel even with the timeline on Liquid Story Binder XE. My character Aliyah had a dark past and it connects with her best friend Hayden (who is a girl – her parents thought she was going to be a boy). She is a little odd acting in the book but it’s part of how she is changing from what happened to her hand what she had done. It’s in diary form because she is confessing to everything she had done. It’s not a story, it’s a confession and that’s what I’m trying to portray. Hopefully, it did.

Dear Journal,

My name is Aliyah Rais and I’ve recently done something unforgivable. I murdered an innocent man. You must think that I’m a terrible little monster, because I am. I am a ten-year-old monster. My master told me never to speak of this out loud to anyone but I had to confess the wrong I had done. And from me, no word will be spoken but written. Let me start from the beginning to explain to you why I had done what I did.

This is all I have so far but I’m waiting to write the rest of it.

Please remember that this is my original prose and I don’t wish for anyone to use it in any way without permission.


~ by kelseyparks on November 30, 2009.

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