Writing Woes

I participated in National Novel Writing Month this year (and have been since 2004) but I’ve never had a year like this. Every other year, I just barely scraped 50,000 words (the goal for the month, for those who didn’t know) but this year I have over 100k. My novel was supposed to end at around 80k. I’m guessing I put a lot of “Purple Prose” in my novel. I mean, it’s not even finished and I skipped a few scenes. Printing out this manuscript is going to suck.

On a happier note, I won again this year! Normally, I would treat myself to this accomplishment but I’m broke and I already bought myself a new writing program. Maybe next year I’ll buy myself something nice, like new headphones. Or a new guitar. Or a new camera. Crap, now I can’t decide. At least I have a whole year to decide. Right now, I just want to finish writing this novel before March.

I win!



~ by kelseyparks on November 30, 2009.

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