Oh how random . . .

I hate exams because they ruin my writing time. But at least I know the end of the semester is here. I’m going into my Creative Writing: Fiction class. Yay! I’m super excited. But here I am at work, supposed to be preparing for a long four hours of exams (assuming that I will take two hours on math and Anatomy). Ugh, exams.  Then I have to play an alphabet game with one of the children. At least I got stockings out of the way.

But let’s go on to things I like talking about. I’m going to probably post more summaries tonight, if not tomorrow and probably make the artwork to go with it. I believe the next two I’m going to make are for Tribe and Dear Failure. A lot of the picture for my artwork will probably be from google because I can’t get pictures for them especially now that I’m being snowed in. – insert eye roll here – I truly hate winter. On a happier note, I started writing my ’09 NaNo again. I’m adding in a bunch of things I missed. And thank goodness I started. Maybe I can finish it before NaNo ’10. Let’s hope.

As far as fanfics go, I should have a new chapter posted by this weekend with all of the edits. Be excited because I’m writing a whole new 2010 writing schedule just so I can fit all of my writing and challenges in. Trust me, it’s going to be a busy year. I’m going to look forward to the beginning of it. I’ll have enough time to write everything.


~ by kelseyparks on December 10, 2009.

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