Moving on.

I moved. Well, it was sort of forced. I have some much to unpack but right now, I think I’m just going to relax with a good book. This weekend, possibly – nope, not Friday – so this weekend I’m going to write so much that it’s crazy. And I’m going to first start with my fanfics. It may not be part of my JanNo goal but it’s part of my WriYe goal.

Just today, I went through and edited all of me stuff (…or was that last night) for Not Quite Home – a working title. To be honest, I forgot what it was about but after I read it, I really liked it. I’m excited to write it again. As for my other fanfic…well, it’s going through a lot of changes…yeah.

A plot bunny attached itself to my person this morning. I have no how it happened but it seemed so deliciously interesting that I kept it and stored it away for the end of 2010. Yes, I know, I have too much to write as it is but this one is going to bump a few of my other ones out of the running. I haven’t decided what it’s going to be called…but I’ll figure it out.

I’m so tired. I feel like I’m being random. Maybe it’s time for me to go to bed. Night all!


~ by kelseyparks on January 12, 2010.

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