Getting Back On My Feet

Well, for the past couple of months I had stopped writing. Life caught up to me and then a lot of crap happened – you know how life gets. I’m now back in the game. I’m currently putting Hush and Half Empty on hold for awhile and working on my Fantasy series. My first one is called Tribe. I’m almost done with it. I have a total of 102k words finished and I hate it. First person isn’t my style. So when I finish it (either tomorrow or Wednesday), I am going to rewrite it all. There are going to be a lot of changes in this novel. Hopefully, after that, I can work on rewriting A Wishing Well.

Here is my new writing schedule:


A Wishing Well

The Puppet Master’s Plague

Jacob’s Ladder

Day 2555

Running From the Rain


The Bloodlines

Aroma of Feeling

Under the Veils

If they aren’t finished by December I will continue with them until they are. Though, I want to write all of my Steampunk novels next year.

Challenges for April:

April Fool’s Writing Challenge – my goal is 100,000. So far I have 82,217/100,000


~ by kelseyparks on April 12, 2010.

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