Finding Time

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I forgot how much I hated the week before Christmas. It’s always the busiest time for me. I haven’t really even done anything with my fanfics yet because my boss always needs me to do something. But WriYe is in 12 days or so. That’s good. I’ll actually get some writing done. I have to work on my schedule some more before the end of the year. There are so many things I need to do before the new year starts.

  1. Make my novel/story banners
  2. Write summaries for my novels/stories
  3. Edit fanfics (It’d be much easier if I bought ink for the printer.)
  4. Write at least one new chapter for fanfic (before the end of the year)
  5. Finish reading the Leviathan (I haven’t had time)
  6. Get a train ticket to Chicago to see my best friend (he’s sick )
  7. Get ready for WriYe (somehow)
  8. Catch up with the writing prompts (TBYB)

That’s all I have so far. It doesn’t help that I don’t really have a break like everyone else seems to have. I actually have to work almost everyday. And start in the second weekend of January I’ll be working on weekends as well. Oh well. It pays for tuition.

Currently listening to: Hate Everything by Say Anything – I love this band and this song. If you like Alternative I suggest this song. It’s good.


Google Wave

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I just got a Google Wave account. It’s interesting. I think I like it, a lot. I will be using it frequently during the year.

Sorry for the lame update but I’m extremely tired. I’ll post something better tomorrow. Something a little more writing/reading/editing related.


•December 17, 2009 • 2 Comments

I am unhappy and extremely miserable. For some reason, I feel like I’ve been taken advantage of. And the sad thing, it’s entirely my fault. It always is. I just have a hard time saying no to certain things. I let people walk all over me – so stupid me. I think that next year, I’m going to work on saying no. My boss’s daughter asked me why I hadn’t quit yet. It is such a good question but I answered that I need the money because who else is going to take care of my sister’s bills?

Just the other day my mom came up to me and said, “When you lose your job, no one is going to support you,” Thanks mom. You’re fucking great. Because I don’t pay your damn bills either. I’m working two damn jobs just to keep the house and I’m the youngest person in the fucking family. I’m the only one with a stable job. How lame is that. But I can’t just abandon my family. I find it really hard to do. My sister was a top ten student in high school, now she is jobless and a college drop out. Go her.

So this year, I’m going to work on saying no to certain things and force my sister and my mom to find a job. Now the only things I will pay for at the time are the bills. Maybe by the time summer rolls around, I’ll have enough money for the next year of college.

Sorry about the rant. I just really needed to let it out.

An Update

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Sorry about not posting. I’ve been in and out all weekend. I just finished my last final and I have a good feeling about it. Some things that happened since my last post.

  • My computer ran out of ink so now I have to edit my stuff on the computer. I’m really bad at doing this so for those who read my fanfics, they won’t really be that great.
  • I made a Twitter account. I’m still ultimately confused with it. It’s easy to work but I just don’t understand the concept. I don’t know. I only have two followers. Why do they call them followers? Just curious.
  • I just found out that Liquid Story Binder had Dossiers for places! This is awesome. I love LSB and I suggest it for people who write fiction. It’s great and helpful. I find that it helps me organize. You should just try it out first. They have a free trial version.
  • I literally just forgot what I was going to put here.  Nevermind, I remember now. I’m working on my summaries and “art” for my projects. I’ll post them as soon as possible.

There are more, I think. I’ll have to think about it. It’s obviously not important.


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I am so lost in my fanfiction. I honestly need to go back and read the book. It’s on my reading list, don’t worry.


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My brain is fried, extremely fried. Exams + Work + 5 hours of broken sleep = metal and physical exhaustion. It was the worst day yet. And I still have exams next week. I’m a little embarrassed because of it. I posted my TBYB stuff on the WriYe forums and I think I messed it all up. I’m so dumb. I should have waited but I can always fix them later.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my fanfiction edits and working on the next chapter. It shouldn’t take too long

Oh how random . . .

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I hate exams because they ruin my writing time. But at least I know the end of the semester is here. I’m going into my Creative Writing: Fiction class. Yay! I’m super excited. But here I am at work, supposed to be preparing for a long four hours of exams (assuming that I will take two hours on math and Anatomy). Ugh, exams.  Then I have to play an alphabet game with one of the children. At least I got stockings out of the way.

But let’s go on to things I like talking about. I’m going to probably post more summaries tonight, if not tomorrow and probably make the artwork to go with it. I believe the next two I’m going to make are for Tribe and Dear Failure. A lot of the picture for my artwork will probably be from google because I can’t get pictures for them especially now that I’m being snowed in. – insert eye roll here – I truly hate winter. On a happier note, I started writing my ’09 NaNo again. I’m adding in a bunch of things I missed. And thank goodness I started. Maybe I can finish it before NaNo ’10. Let’s hope.

As far as fanfics go, I should have a new chapter posted by this weekend with all of the edits. Be excited because I’m writing a whole new 2010 writing schedule just so I can fit all of my writing and challenges in. Trust me, it’s going to be a busy year. I’m going to look forward to the beginning of it. I’ll have enough time to write everything.